Create close partnerships
with your clients

We work with a handful of loyal clients and are proud that most of our work comes from long-term relationships.

Here is what some of our key clients say about us:

"We trust InGear 100% and we are always very satisfied with their hard work and understanding of our markets. We would recommend them without hesitation."

Jonathan Allee

Honda Motor Europe


"Nathalie is a big product market research clinic guru. She has been used to running large multi-market clinics for years and can see the challenges and the risks way ahead of others. She is equally strong both qualitatively as she is quantitatively. Nathalie’s attention to detail is astonishing and comes as an absolute instinct to her. She is terrific to work with, hardworking, good fun and a really polished presenter in front of a senior audience. I thoroughly enjoy working with Nathalie."

Martin Cooper

Jaguar Land Rover

"It was great working with you again after so many years. I am very happy with your work and the debrief, very good quality and amazing turn around."

Ana Ramirez

Jaguar Land Rover

"Thank you for your hard work, I feel confident that we delivered against the team’s high expectations. They left very happy with all the information they needed."

Hugo Murga

Toyota Motor Europe