Stick to what you know
and do it brilliantly

All the work we do is automotive and we strongly believe in the value of specialism.

Automotive is where our experience lies and where we can add value. By staying informed and by regularly conducting research in this single sector we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know where we need to start and we can set the findings within the broader context.

We conduct market research around the world for our Global and European clients.

We understand how to work across regions – from Europe to the USA, China to India – and will find the right balance between applying consistent methodologies and taking key cultural differences into account. We are not only expert at international coordination but also at international interpretation.

All our projects are ad-hoc, tailored to our clients’ specific business needs and goals.

Methodologies are not fixed, each project is approached with fresh thinking and an open-mind. Being fluent in both qualitative and quantitative techniques, we often blend them to deliver high-end bespoke research. Project teams are hand-picked, always selecting the best people for the job.